Easily Import Contacts from Google Gmail Contacts to Blackberry

Alhamdulillah. Today I have learned a simple thing which may be valuable to be shared here. I have a case to migrate contacts from Gmail to Blackberry Bold 9900 (Dakota). The standard procedure is exporting from Gmail Contacts to csv or vcf and then import the file into Windows Phone and synchronize it from Blackberry Desktop. Unfortunately, I got error in synchronization process which resulted the import process failed.

Actually, there’s a simpler way to do import from Gmail Contacts to Blackberry Address Book which detailed in steps below:

  1. Export all contacts (or selected contacts) from Gmail Contacts to VCF (Business Card) file format. The result is file contacts.vcf.
  2. Send that file through bluetooth to Blackberry device and voila! all contacts has been added to Blackberry Address Book.

Hope this help for many readers! Thanks.

Easily Import Contacts from Google Gmail Contacts to Blackberry

19 thoughts on “Easily Import Contacts from Google Gmail Contacts to Blackberry

  1. Fazin says:

    Dear friend,

    Assalamu alaikum,

    I bought a new bb for my office use yesterday and been trying to understand how to import contacts into it from gmail since yesterday evening and also been googling a lot and were getting various option which werent working, thanks to you this was super simple and worked in 2 steps.

    thanks again
    jazakhalla khair

  2. vm says:

    Excellent idea and thanks for sharing. The only thing to be careful of is that it misses any middle names and only picks up the first and last in the name field.

  3. Magda says:

    Wow, thank you!!! Just did it with my new Blackberry Classic and it worked PERFECTLY!! Many many thanks for such a great tip…

  4. Did not work. is there a specific folder to send the file to?
    Did the bluetooth transfer to the folder which was offered automatically, but nothing happened to my BB contacts (BB 8800 Torch). Tried also to copy the vcf via usb cable. Also no result.

    1. As I remember, I just send the vcf file via bluetooth to the BlackBerry device. I didn’t specify a folder at the device. And it just worked for me…

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