Ellipse – Disk Checking

Administrator needs to check availabe disk space periodically for each mount point to ensure the availability of the space in the server. If the upper limit has reached, there are some steps need to be taken to handle it:

  1. Check the mount point which has exceeded the upper limit by using command: ‘bdf
  2. Run command: ‘irchkstdby‘ as user ‘root’ to check the standby databases status. Note the last archive log status from the output.
  3. Remove the archive log files which has maximum order below number n-100, with n is the order number of archive log file displayed in step number 2. Run command such as follow:  ‘rm ELLPRD0001_00000607*.ARC

Check using ‘irchkstdby‘ whether the archive log files is incrementing. How if the database archive log seems not updating the archive log in the standby database? You can try restarting the standby database by using these steps:

  1. Login to operating system console and do: ‘sudo su – oracle‘ and choose the production instance ‘ellprd’.
  2. Login to oracle using sqlPlus: ‘sqlplus “/ as sysdba”
  3. Run command: ‘sql>recover managed standby database cancel;‘ and then
  4. Run command: ‘sql>shutdown immediate;

After all steps above run successfully, you can start the server by using these steps:

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above if you are not login yet
  2. Run command: ‘sql>startup nomount;
  3. Run command: ‘sql>alter database mount standby database;
  4. Run command: ‘sql>recover managed standby database disconnect;

That’s all folks.. Alhamdulillahi robbil’aalamiin..

Ellipse – Disk Checking

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