Schema Crawler

Sometimes we need to analyze the difference between two databases. Schema Crawler can do it in a handy by creating an output of database schema in text file format. And then we can diff it with the output schema of other database.

Using Schema Crawler is really straight-forward for you who accustomed using JDBC driver in Java Programming. The example of Schema Crawler utility to generate database schema from an Oracle database is as follow:

sc.cmd -driver=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver -url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@ -user=maximo -password=maximo -schemas=MAXIMO -g -infolevel=minimal -command=standard_schema > dump-maxrbpr.txt

You can change it to suit your need. Schema Crawler also includes the Java API which can be used to retrieve the database metadata. It’s said that it’s a better way to access the database metadata than the JDBC driver does because it provides a more consistent approach (functions) in accessing database metadata.

Schema Crawler

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