Yesterday with Maximo

Yesterday, I did something with Maximo. Not a special thing but not a usual thing for me. That was creating the workflow process for Maximo Indramayu. Some key points to note about that thing is if you want to create a workflow follow in Maximo this step by step:

  1. Define the workflow name and description
  2. Create the nodes first. Nodes represent the roles of the workflow process.
  3. Refine the nodes with their roles.
  4. Create the action arcs between nodes. Arcs represent the actions for the nodes.
  5. After you have completed all the steps about, validate the workflow using Validate command from Select Actions.

Another thing worth to write is about documenting the process of restoring Maximo server environment from backup files. I wrote a simple step-by-step guide about it. A note for this was about using:

SET ORACLE_SID=[SID] in Windows environment


EXPORT ORACLE_SID=[SID] in *Nix environment

So to make sure, you need to do echo of ORACLE_SID variables before you use the environment.


Yesterday with Maximo

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