Starting my new blog


This is the first day I use this blog to write the words from my mind. And maybe it’s an unusual thing for me to blog. So let’s get started.

This is Tuesday, a second work day for a usual worker like me. And this is not a very special day except there are some points to note here:

  1. It’s unusual for me not to sleep again after having Shubuh prayer. I usually have some time laying my back on the bed until the time to get prepared come. Hope this good habit is consistently executed.
  2. The ‘yellow rice’ from ‘Mr. Ambon’  is the menu for my breakfast today. It’s relatively cheap in price tag, just 5k rupiahs but enough for a breakfast.
  3. Some tickets problem notably about : Cash Flow application for Ellipse error (visual basic module hidden compilation) and solved by ‘using’ another Citrix Server, a duplicate data in Ellipse Employees table.
  4. The big idea from Mrs. Yama about Bill of Material in Ellipse, which is also called Application Part List.
  5. The portal went wrong identified by Error 404: Page not Found, which is ‘probably’ caused by error in HTTP Server. The temporary conclusion is based on the condition of the all Application Servers is Started. Currently still waiting for Anabatic’s crew to figure out the problem based on the server logs.
  6. The last but not least is query-ing using Mr. Ilham’s query to get the Standard Job for Overhaul from Ellipse Database for Mrs. Diah.

And that’s some folks for today.


Starting my new blog

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